Hell Let Loose
EN/PH Server

Are you getting tired of high pings and joining servers where you can't immerse yourself in? Well here you go! Your very first Hell Let Loose South-East Asian English speaking server!

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Everyone is welcome to be a part of this exciting adventure. We will add more servers as we gain more friends and as our community grow bigger.

TTV-VoidgGG_, Server Owner

A community of SEA gamers

We are a group of SEA Hell Let Loose gamers based in the Philippines who decided to start a server due to the lack of English HLL servers in the South-East Asian region.

Our mission is to provide SEA players a place where they can play together with their friends and other SEA nations without feeling left out in the sidelines because they can't understand the language.

The server is currently being funded by VoidGG_ who's an active twitch streamer and an avid fan of Hell Let Loose, Starcraft, Rainbow 6 Siege, and a lot more games. Don't forget to support his channel as it greatly helps him keeping this server up.

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Join our Discord Community.

Join our discord community and let us make friends and have fun playing HLL together.

Help us improve and keep the server up and running. Your donations will be used to pay the utility bills to run our servers.

Visit the VoidGG's channel on Twitch.